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SS Networks Solutions SS Networks Solutions SS Networks Solutions SS Networks Solutions SS Networks Solutions SS Networks Solutions
Facility Management

SS Networks Solutions also undertakes annual maintenance contracts for all the above-mentioned work areas.

Our wide spectrum of products and strategic alliances with world-renowned IT vendors gives us flexibility to offer the most suitable products for best price/performance.

SS Networks Solutions has the necessary test & measuring equipments like LAN Analyzer, Fluke DTX 1800 cable Analyzer, Arc Fusion Splicing, Optical Time Domain Redo meter and trained engineers to certify on behalf of respective companies. SS Networks has skilled manpower in different division to carry out the project without sub-contracting to any other party. Unlike other System Integrators, being a service industry. SS Networks Solutions believes in building long-term relationship with its customers by providing service for any requirement of moves, add and changes, annual maintenance, training etc.

With the experience of over 1200 installations from promoters, we have designed and executed complex IT solution based on Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, ATM, Gigabit and 10G Ethernet running on UTP, STP & FIBER structured cabling. In just 6 years SS Networks Solutions has emerged as a leading company providing total IT solution across the Globe.